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Learn the basics of makeup with our IMA (International Makeup Association) “Five-Day Intense Foundation and European Bridal Course”


Whether you are a beginner looking to start a career or a professional who wants to refine their skills, Our IMA (International Makeup Association) 5 Day Hair-MakeUp Course – Five-Day “Express Intense Hair and Make-Up Course” will prepare you for everything coming your way by getting to work, hands-on, from day one.

Nothing is missing from 5 Day Hair-MakeUp Course: all hairstyles, from curls to pleats and chignons, and all makeup, from natural to full glam and Asian bridal. Our IMA qualified teachers will walk you through all of it, making sure you know not only how to create the perfect look, but how to be so charming that your clients won’t want to be in anyone else’s hands.

Included in the price is an ISHMPRO brush belt complete with 22 brushes.
Some variations included in our certificate will be achieved through daily homework.
So what are you waiting for? Enrol with us today and become an internationally qualified artist!


European Bridal with French Pleat

1. Course Structure and requirements;
2. Hygiene and safety;
3. Cleansing procedures;

4. Demonstration of Western bridal look with practice:
a) How to perform a trial;
b) Finding a foundation match;
c) Colour correction and concealing;
d) Medium and full coverage;
e) Powder contour, bronzer, blusher and natural glow;
f) Natural eyes and lips;

5. Explanation/demonstration and practice of French pleat.


The Perfect Evening Glam

1. Demonstration of brown and black smoky eyes, with practice;
2. Demonstration of extravagant half up-half down look with curls, with practice.


Soft Fishtail Braid with Halo Eyes

1. Demonstration of halo/block eyes, with practice;
2. Demonstration of fish tail plait with practice.


Traditional Asian Bridal with Updo

1. Demonstration of Asian bridal look with practice:
a) Full coverage;
b) Cream contour and highlight;
c) Half cut crease and winged liner;
d) How to achieve the perfect red lip;

2. Demonstration of basic updo with practice.


Extravagant Updo with Arabic Eyes

1. Demonstration of Arabic bridal look with practice:
a) Full coverage;
b) Cream contour and highlight;
c) Arabic full cut crease with pigments/glitter;

2. Demonstration of extravagant updo with practice.

European bridal | French pleat | Evening glam | Halo eyes and fishtail plait | Asian bridal and updo | Arabic eyes and updo


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