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2-Week Makeup Course

Are you passionate about makeup? Do you dream of creating stunning looks that turn heads and boost confidence? If so, you’re in the right place! Welcome to the International School of Makeup Artistry (ISHM), where we’re all about enhancing your makeup skills and helping you discover the perfect brow product to elevate your makeup game. In this blog, we’ll dive into the exciting world of eyebrow products and explore how our Two-Week Makeup Course, a part of our Two-Week Foundation Course, can empower you to become a makeup pro.

Why Eyebrows Matter

Eyebrows hold a special place of importance as these delicate arches play a crucial role in framing the face, accentuating its features, and conveying emotions. Whether you’re a budding makeup enthusiast or a seasoned professional affiliated with the International Makeup Association (IMA), understanding why eyebrows matter is fundamental to your makeup journey.
In fact, eyebrows are more than just facial hair; they are a canvas for creativity and expression. As an IMA-affiliated makeup artist, you’ll appreciate that well-groomed eyebrows can transform an individual’s entire look.
Furthermore, the right eyebrow shape and style can enhance one’s natural beauty, giving them the confidence to shine.Therefore, mastering the art of eyebrow makeup is a hallmark of a skilled makeup artist, and it’s a skill you can acquire through specialised courses like those offered by the International School of Makeup Artistry. In our makeup courses, including the 2-Week Makeup Course, we emphasise the significance of eyebrows and guide you in selecting the perfect brow products to achieve the desired effects. Whether you’re aiming for subtle, natural-looking brows or bold, dramatic ones, we provide the knowledge and tools to make it happen.
Thus, by understanding the impact of eyebrows and their role in makeup artistry, you can truly appreciate the transformative power of makeup. Furthermore, it’s a journey that aligns with the high standards set by the International Makeup Association, ensuring that you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in the world of makeup.
So, as you embark on your makeup education and affiliation with the International Makeup Association, remember that eyebrows are not just facial features; they’re the gateway to enhancing beauty, boosting confidence, and making a statement in the world of makeup.

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Discover Your Perfect Brow Product

When it comes to eyebrow makeup, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Different individuals have unique preferences and needs when it comes to their brows. As an aspiring makeup artist affiliated with the International Makeup Association, you should be well-versed in a variety of brow products to cater to diverse clientele. So here are some key eyebrow products to consider:

Pencils: Eyebrow pencils are a versatile choice. They allow for precise application and are great for filling in sparse areas and defining the shape of the brows.
Powders: Brow powders are ideal for achieving a soft and natural look. They can be applied with an angled brush to create dimension and fill in gaps.
Pomades: Brow pomades are perfect for achieving bold, sculpted brows. In addition, they provide a strong hold and are often used for a dramatic, high-fashion look.
Gels and Mascara: Brow gels and mascaras are excellent for setting the brows in place. They can also add volume and texture to the brows.
Tinted Brow Gel: Tinted brow gels are a quick and easy way to add colour and definition to the brows while setting them in place.
Highlighters: Highlighting products can be used to accentuate the brow bone and create a lifted appearance.
Wax: Brow wax can be used to tame unruly brows and keep them in place throughout the day.
Stencils: Brow stencils are handy tools for achieving symmetrical and well-defined brows, especially for beginners.

In essence, as a makeup artist in training, it’s essential to experiment with various brow products to understand their unique qualities and how they can be best applied to different face shapes and preferences. Additionally, our 2-Week Makeup Course offered by the International School of Makeup Artistry will provide you with hands-on experience and expert guidance in selecting and using the right brow products to create stunning and personalised looks for your clients.

Why Choose ISHM

International Makeup Association Affiliation: Proudly affiliated with the International Makeup Association (IMA), ISHM ensures that our courses meet global standards.
Experienced Instructors: Our experienced makeup artists and instructors bring years of industry knowledge to the classroom, providing you with invaluable insights.
Hands-On Learning: Moreover, we believe in learning by doing. Our courses offer hands-on training, allowing you to practise and perfect your makeup techniques.
Career Opportunities: Furthermore, our courses open doors to exciting makeup careers, from fashion to film or freelance makeup artistry.

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In conclusion, your journey to mastering makeup and finding the perfect brow product starts here at ISHM. Whether aspiring for a makeup career or looking to enhance skills, our 2-Week Makeup Course is your gateway to success. So join us in the world of beauty, creativity, and self-expression. Prepare to unearth the artist within! Visit our website to learn more.

Absolutely! Our course caters to students of all skill levels, from beginners to makeup enthusiasts looking to refine their skills.

We provide a makeup kit for your training, but you’re welcome to bring your products if you have specific favourites.

Eyebrow pencils offer precise, fine lines, while pomades provide a more bold, sculpted look. Our course covers both techniques.

Yes, upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certification from ISHM, recognized in the makeup industry.